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Keith-Masterman_6889.jpgCI Investments

Keith Masterman
Vice- President, Tax, Retirement & Estate Planning

The Gen-Savvy Advisor: Using Tax, Retirement and Estate Planning to Deepen Intergenerational Relationships

This presentation will discuss Baby Boomer, Generation X and Millennial clients as they prepare for the great wealth transfer, and how the advisor can use tax, retirement and estate planning to deepen the relationship with their intergenerational clients.


portrait_1.jpgDynamic Funds

David De Pastena 
Vice President, Systemized Solutions

3 Steps to Not Ask for Referrals

Growing your book and attracting new clients has never been so competitive.  David De Pastena, Vice President, Systemized Solutions has worked with over 2000 advisors in his career and believes referral generation is the most efficient way to grow an advisors book.

Please join David as he details a 3 Step Process to show how elite advisors grow their assets in a fast and efficient manner. Advisors will walk away with an implementable referral process that will bring their practice to a new level of asset gathering.


Tasos-Dovolos.jpg Franklin Templeton Investments

Tasos Dovolos
Vice President, Regional Sales

Beyond the Benchmarks

Are investors content with being average? Just as people don’t typically aspire to being average in their personal lives, average often comes up short in the world of investing. Our presentation asks investors to look Beyond the Benchmarks to learn how to identify truly active mutual funds that have the potential to go beyond market benchmarks both in terms of performance and risk management.


C-Gignac.jpgiA Clarington Investments

Clément Gignac
Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist, iA Financial Group and Portfolio Manager, Industrial Alliance Investment Management

Positioning for Today's Economy and Capital Markets

Mr. Gignac provides an overview of the global economy and capital markets, and discusses how his macroeconomic and asset class outlook is shaping his allocation decisions.  


iA Clarington Investments

iA Clarington Global Income Panel: Expanding the Opportunity Set

Agam Sharma MBA, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, Global Multi-Asset, PineBridge Investments LLC
Lee Rosenbaum Vice President, Co-Portfolio Manager, Loomis, Sayles & Company L.P.
Dan Bastasic Senior Vice-President, Investments, IA Clarington Investments Inc.

Moderated by: Howard Green, Best selling Author, BNN co-founder and former host of Headline with Howard Green

Today’s complex income markets call for a flexible, global approach that actively leverages the full range of asset classes. Moderated by bestselling author and award-winning broadcaster Howard Green, this session examines areas of opportunity and risk in North American and international markets, and across a wide variety of income-generating asset classes – both traditional and lesser known. 



Vice President, Invesco Consulting

Priceless – The Language of Value

What do investors truly value from an advisor?  “Priceless” is the latest Maslansky and Partners research that explores both the language of value but also what investors say are their “worth it” investment services.  The presentation will explore the “three cries” of today’s investors:

1)    Be smart with our money
2)    We need help with more than investments
3)    Make us feel confident that we are on track

“Priceless” uncovers the advisor language and approaches for all three of these needs.  It also addresses two advisor queries as to what additional services investors are willing to pay for and what tools are best to build investor confidence?  

The reality is that “price matters least in the abundance of value”.  Find out how to create this abundance with “Priceless.”


Swoop-Hair-(1).jpg Mackenzie Investments

Dustin Reid
Vice President, Investment Management

Trade Wars and Fixed Income

Trade wars, unstable political alliances, populism and central bank policy normalization all are contributing to a more volatile and uncertain global fixed income environment.  Dustin will discuss global macroeconomic issues facing markets, and how he is positioning his very tactical and benchmark agnostic global fixed income strategy.


Manulife InvestmentsPhilip-Petursson.jpg

Philip Petursson
Chief Investment Strategist

Is this the end?

In this session Philip Petursson will tackle the key questions of the day, including whether the post-crisis era of happy financial markets might now be grinding to a halt. The business cycle is aging, central banks are tightening, inflation is finally rising and volatility is no longer low. Does that close the book on rising equities, or might there be another leg higher? What is fair value? And what regions and markets can top the rest? And finally, how much will politics matter at this stage of the cycle?

Philip’s presentation is a great complement to any Economic Speaker in that it helps advisors bridge the gap between Macro Economic views and the capital markets in which we operate as advisors.  He essentially helps advisors make sense of the economic backdrop outlined by the Economists and how this can fit into a client portfolio and how advisors can communicate with their clients.


Borden Ladner Gervais LLP dipaolo.jpg

CSA Registrant Regulation Proposals
Speaker: David Di Paolo, Partner

Mutual Fund Dealers Association karen.jpg

Mutual Fund Dealers Association Initiatives
Speaker: Karen McGuinness, Senior Vice-President, Member Regulation, Compliance,